Mindfulness and Sustainability with Gunaketu B Kjønstad at the Groningen University

In this two hour workshop we explored how mindfulness and sustainability could be a vital force in your life. Gunaketu Bjørn Kjønstad demonstrated how mindfulness not only benefits your individual well-being, but also has an impact on a societal level. The exercise, keynote-talk and the subsequent discussion promise stimulating input for the mind.

Bjørn Gunaketu Kjønstad is a researcher, and teacher at the OsloMet Metropolitan University of Oslo, entrepreneur, therapist, coach and mindfulness instructor, amongst others. Combining his experience from various fields, ranging from Buddhist practice to scientific research, he has explored the nexus of mindfulness and sustainability from academic and especially practical perspectives. Take the chance to meet him personally and benefit from his experience. More about him and his work on Pustepause

.You can also read the article Mindfulness and Sustainability and the article Mindfulness, empathy, contentment and communication; five buddhist perspectives and five solutions to five UNSDGs

This event is organised by the GO Arts Embassy

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