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BUDDHIST BOOK ON SUSTAINABILITY AND MINDFULNESS: Comparing academic articles with personal diaries over 25 years to see what has widened and reduced the gap between theory and practice.

Since I left University in 1993 I have been passionately engaged in mindfulness, sustainability and the idea of contributing to a better and healthier society for all. To do this I have amongst other things started the Oslo Buddhist centre which is thriving with nine men and women preparing for ordination. I also organised an interreligious climate pilgrimage with Annette priest and Harween from Climat-Sikh in 2019, and here is a video from the pilgrimage and an interview with me, filmed by the Clear Vision team.

Now I want to engage with a larger audience and start teaching mindfulness and sustainability from a buddhist perspective in Universities. Then I need a PhD. I also want to contribute to public debate. Therefore I want to write a buddhist book based on the PhD thesis. I want to compare six academic articles I have published in top rated journals over 25 years with 20 diaries with reflections on jubilant celebrations and heart-wrenching moans written in the same period. I will explore what has widened the gap between theory and practice and what has closed it.

I believe that in order to change we must face our various reluctances to change, within ourselves and in our relationships. Reading about my struggles in this period will hopefully bring about new questions, perspectives and reflections in the reader. Ones that will hopefully motivate and inspire confidence to change and be true to ones values.

In the video I estimate that I need 12 months. From feedback I realise this is too optimistic and plan to complete the project over 18 months.

To be able to do this I need some income to free me from my usual jobs. It is expensive to live in Norway. To make ends meet for me and my daughter I will need to raise €2.500 a month for 18 months. If three individuals with high income paid £300, 25 people paid €20 and 30 people paid €10 a month I would reach the target.

Will you help me complete this research and write the book? Go to the crowdfunding page:

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